Finding Inner Bloom Health was so lovely for me; to come across someone shining with so much vitality and health-inspired enthusiasm. The products I purchased (many Protein Balls) were extremely tasty and I found myself always looking out for them as a way to feel good about treating myself with fresh, handmade, quality nutritional choices. Creative, exciting, and joyous is how I would summarize Inner Bloom Health! Absolutely worthwhile.

Sarah Rae

I cant say enough about the incredible work that Kianna at Innerbloom Health does. As a holistic nutritionist, Kianna has been instrumental in helping me on my journey to heal my acne and improve my gut health. Her knowledge and expertise are second to none, and her personalized approach to holistic nutrition is truly remarkable.Kianna’s guidance and support have not only led to a noticeable transformation in my skin and digestive health but have also left me feeling super empowered and educated about making healthier choices. Her passion for what she does is evident with every session, and she goes above and beyond to provide tailored solutions that work.I highly recommend Innerbloom Health and Kianna to anyone seeking natural, holistic solutions for their health and wellbeing. Thank you Kianna!

Tasha Crowl

Kianna’s snacks are the best! They taste great, have a healthy nutritional profile, and are the perfect option for curbing cravings The kookie dough protein bars and cinnamon balls are my go to!

Devan Shepard

I've purchased protein snacks from Kianna a couple of times. They were super delicious, nutritious and filling! She was super helpful and friendly, even making a home delivery once. Highly recommend!

James Bartlof

My experience working with Kianna was next to amazing and I would recommend her to anyone! It was easy to be myself and I was confident in Kianna's ability to help me. I benefited from the time I worked with Kianna and made a ton of progress. I shed weight, got stronger and overall felt more energized. Thankyou for everything kianna!

Carla Plosker