How self-love, self-worth and nutrition are related

You know the saying- "You are what you eat" ? This is a great example of how our diet shows up in regards to how we feel about ourselves. It can truly be a vicious cycle of, feeling drained, unmotivated and insecure that leads to poor dietary choices, or vice versa, poor dietary choices causing a person to develop insecurities, low energy levels and little motivation. 

It can be hard when we dont feel good about ourselves to want to put in effort to change our habits. (unconciously what is causing us harm.) If we tune into ourselves and start to ask the questions like, "what is it, that is truly creating me to feel unworthy, happiness, love etc" (fill in the blank) we start to find the root causes of our failed attempts at eating consistenly well. We can start to tackle the root problems underneath the symptomatic, draining cycles we keep perpetually living that deep down, we want out of.

Deep down, we feel fear from trying something new, failing for the first time.. or perhaps the tenth. We are terrified to walk, live and breathe a path that has uncertainty and little safety in knowing the end results. But ask yourself this, how are you safe now? The binge eating, constant dieting, excessive drinking, doom scrolling, never sticking to our word, choosing fast, easy and convience EVERY DAY, is the fake illusion your mind has tricked you to be safe. To keep everything in control. 

Finding safety within ourselves starts with facing our wounds and keeping our word when we choose to make a comittment to ourselves that we KNOW will help us in the long run, even when its hard to do so. This is how we start to build confidence and show ourselves we are WORTH IT! Food can be the best place to start when it comes to self-love. The act of cooking a healthy meal for ourself, or the feeling we get after eating a nourishing meal makes us want to do more good for our bodies and LESS harm.